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Flying Insect Control in New Braunfels, TX

Are you familiar with the Zika virus and how it is spreading in the United States? (possible link to site with more zika information)
“Biting back yard by yard”
Protection from insects for your family and pets

Mist Away System

Mosquito Mist away system utilizes a 55 gallon reservoir, control unit, and pump system. It is virtually maintenance-free. A fully automated timer combines reliability with ease of use. You simply set the timer and at the designated time a light mist is released in to the air eliminating mosquitos and other flying insects.


Pyrethrum is an insecticide extracted from chrysanthemum flowers. The structure of the molecule is so complex that insect resistance to Pyrethrum is practically non-existent. It is clear and free of allergens. Furthermore, Pyrethrum has a low toxicity levels and is water based, biodegradable, and never leaves a residue.
The Mosquito Mist Away system is a popular choice of home owners and animal breeders nationwide.